Twelve Mile Creek Trail

Name:   Twelve Mile Creek Trail  AKA Walnut Creek  

Last there.  April / 26 / 2016


Description:  This is a Carolina Thread Trail it is fairly new.  The trail runs along 12 mile Creek it starts in the huge Walnut Creek subdivision.  The trail is sometimes deep in the woods and sometimes practically in someone’s back yard. For the first two miles there is a LOT of house construction going on kind of noisy, The last  mile and one half are the best and a very nice walk. Even with the construction It is still a nice walk and has lots to offer.  At the trail head in Indian land there are restrooms.  At the other end they built a suspension bridge across the Creek and the North Carolina / South Carolina state border.   The trail continues on the other side of the bridge to the left and goes about 1/4 mile to a street.  I am not sure how much of the rest of the trail is finished after that point.  


GPS Address:  10521 Walnut Creek Parkway, Lancaster, SC 29720


Parking:  Large parking lot


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Easy some small hills, but 3.5 miles one way so 7 miles if you walk all the way out and back.  Longer if you go across the bridge and continue.   Can be used by mountain bikes so keep an eye out.  There are boardwalks and bridges where needed. After heavy rain the trail will be closed due to flooding.


Kind of photos:  Nature, woods, creek, some limited landscapes. 

Lens most used:  90mm



Trail head sign
Reflections in a creek
Pine tree section of the trail