The Ten best places in the USA, I have been to take photographs. 

Yes I know there are probably better places somewhere in the US but these are the places I have been and like.

1 : Lake Tahoe CA/ NV

For shear natural beauty it is hard to beat this place.  Mountains around a deep blue lake with huge pine trees. Toss in some snow and just WOW…  Picture Challenge - point your camera in some random direction and not come up with a fantastic picture. 

2 :  The Grand Canyon Az.  (And on the same river  Hoover Dam)

The Grand Canyon is someplace you have to visit, it should be on every bucket list.  For grandeur and color there is no place even close to it. 

 Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are great photo sites.  With the new bridge you can get some aerial views of the dam that look like you took them from an airplane.

3 : Death Valley CA / NV  (nearby in NV miles)  Mojave Nat. Preserve,  Joshua tree Nat park)

My first impression of Death Valley was it looked like a huge construction site where they had just torn everything up and had not started building yet.  Then the colors start to seep into your view the whites the blacks.  The mountains the incredible silence and the open space. Plants and flowers thriving where common sense says they should not exist.  Unbearable dry high temperatures and snow just miles apart.  If I had to pick one place to return to and spend a week this would be it.  

Mojave Nat. Preserve, Joshua Tree Nat Park.   Completely different desert environments with more vegetation then Death Valley.

The other side of Death Valley 8000 Feet and 55 degrees

4 : Niagara Falls  NY / Canada

For a waterfall this is breathtaking the sound, the mist rainbows, the violence of the river, the embarrassment at how run down the US side is and how beautiful the Canadian side is, is not describable in words. 

5 : The Great Smoky Mountains National park.  NC / Tenn.

The mountains do not come close to the Rockies in height, but the smoothness of the mountains, the greens and colors in all seasons, the rivers and streams, the Blue Ridge Parkway… it says nature to me. 

6 : Almost any Garden in season.

Flowers are incredible in variety, color, and smell.  Use your wide angle lens and you get a sweep of color use your macro and you see things you did not know existed, flowers within flowers or insects you did not even see. 

7 : Almost any beach, any time of year.

Sand and sun or rocks and winter waves, lighthouses and birds, colorful umbrellas and towels, the heat and the wind, piers and breakwaters sailboats and work boats.  Just so much to take in. 

8 : Chicago Ill

I have been there a few times and it is my favorite city to visit (At least in warm weather),   So much to see the beautiful old buildings and new buildings, the lake front and the museums.  

9 : Las Vegas NV (And nearby  Mt. Charleston /, Valley of Fire State Park,/  Red Rock Canyon.)

It’s plastic and fake and dumb, but I enjoy visiting anyway.  Where else can you take pictures of Paris, a Roman forum, Venice and the good old USA all within an hour.  Then get out of town and see the nearby ones.  Mt. Charleston can’t really be in Nevada, can it?  For pictures of fantastic rock formations Red Rock and Valley of Fire cannot be topped.

10 : New Mexico  Albuquerque, Taos and Santa Fe. 

You think of New Mexico as a desert landscape but it changes from desert to lush forest to rivers and small streams bare mountains to forested ones.  Indian culture and art are everywhere and they even have a Las Vegas here too, but no dancing girls.