Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Name:   Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Last Visit:  Dec. 1 2016 

March / 1 / 2016


Description:  A very large garden with many different types of flowers, plants, fountains, and water features. If you like to take photos of flowers this is the place. The Orchid Conservatory is a highlight that you should not miss for photos.  The many fountains make great backdrops for photos. There are many different types of gardens with different types of plants.  in December they cover everything in lights for a Xmas show if you like to photograph xmas lights don't miss it open to 9pm for the lights..  They have an annual photo contest and special events all year long. Open 9am to 5pm   There are several nearby Trails that pass by the garden see Carolina Thread Trails in links or the map on the link below.


GPS Address:  6500 South New Hope Rd.//Belmont, NC 28012

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is located just west of Charlotte at the N.C./S.C. state line, outside the town of Belmont. The Garden is easily accessible from Interstates 85 and 77.


 Parking: Large free parking lot


Cost:  $12.95 Adults,  more for special events.


Difficulty:  Easy walking but lots of it.


Kind of photos:  Flowers, gardens, water features, orchids, landscapes

Lens most used: 50 mm / 90mm macro 



Pictures updated march 1 2016