Stephens Road Nature Preserve

Name:   Stephens Road Nature Preserve 


Last Visit:  Have not been here yet



Stephens Road now protects 352 acres of the upper Mountain Island Lake watershed. It is bounded on the west by the Catawba River. The preserve is primarily forested. There are also significant streams and wetlands. The area is especially important regionally for its diversity of salamanders. Uncommon species such as Spring Salamander, Red Salamander and Eastern Mud Salamander are found here.  (from Char Meck parks and rec site)


GPS Address:  5901 Stephens Road Huntersville, NC 28078 (apx google map address.)

Stephens Road Nature Preserve is located in Huntersville and can be accessed at the end of Stephens Road or Cashion Road.


Parking:  I do not see a parking lot at the end of Stephens road but there must be one.  The trail map shows the trail head at the very end of the paved Stephens road there is supposed to be kiosks there.   Take a look on Google Earth


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:   Unknown  5.5 miles of trails. See the map on the link


Trail Surface:  natural


Kind of photos:   forest, wetlands


Most used lens: