South Fork Trail 

Name:   South Fork Trail  


Last Visit:  March 30 2016


Description:  2 mile one way trail along the South Fork River. Very nice trail. Nice rapids, rocks and river shore line. Very natural looking.  Heard and saw lots of birds.  Ruins of Old bridge that was burned in the civil war. There is a Rail Road trestle over the river that might be interesting to photograph.   A Carolina Thread Trail. 


GPS Address:  119 Willow Drive,  McAdenville NC 28101


Parking:   Gravel lot  18 spaces


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Wide flat  easy 4.6  miles in and out 2.3 miles one way/ Maybe be used by mountain bikes. very well cared for trail.


Trail Surface:  Natural


Kind of photos:  River, Rail road, nature, rapids, birds


Most used lens:  Macro and  24mm