Soco Falls near Cherokee NC

Name:   Soco Falls 

Last Visit: Oct 2015


Description :  By far the best looking falls near Cherokee NC.  The Falls are not easy to get to as they are over a steep hill, the path down to an observation deck is not bad (first picture) but it is steep.  You can go to the left of the deck and go down what looks like a cliff. (last picture)  There are some ropes someone has tied to the trees to let you climb down but it is not easy or safe.  Well worth the risk once you are down (if you did not break your camera or your neck).  The falls are fantastic and you see much more then you can see from the observation deck.  This one is at your own risk.


GPS Address:  No address just along the side of the road.  (The road is worth the trip by itself, a real mountain road.)  11 miles east of Cherokee on US 19 towards Maggie Valley you'll find Soco Falls on your right. There's a small unmarked pullout (there is a tiny sign on the right before you get there coming from Cherokee)  

Coming from Maggie Valley, it's 1.5 miles west from the Blue Ridge Parkway and will be on your left.


Parking:  The parking lot is very small only about 5 cars.


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Strenuous if you go all the way down.


Kind of photos:  Nature, Waterfall, Stream, Rocks. 

Lens most used : 24mm / 50 mm




at the bottom of the falls
The so called trail back up to the viewing platform