Seven Oaks Preserve Trail 

Name:   Seven Oaks Preserve Trail  

Last Visit: Have not been here yet.


Description:  This trail follows the shoreline of Lake Wylie.  78 Acres  Catawba Lands Conservancy and a Carolina Thread Trail.  Sounds like a good trail for lake pictures  and some interesting trees see the link.


GPS Address:  6900 South New Hope Road, Belmont, NC 28012


Parking:  a lot at the GPS address.


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  2.8 miles one way.  Should be fairly flat since it is on the lake shore but have not walked it yet.  You can connect to other trails in the area and make a loop out of it see the link below for instructions.

Near Dan Stowe Botanical Garden (fee) so maybe you could make a day of it.


Kind of photos:  Nature, Lake