Rocky Creek Trail

Name:   Rocky Creek Trail  

Last Visit: Jan / 31 / 2016


Description:  A trail along Rocky Creek.  A “Bird Area” designated by Nat. Audubon Society. Great trail for pictures there is a good size water fall, rocky stream,  rapids.  A Carolina Thread Trail.

Note this is a different place then Rocky River trail in NC.


GPS Address:  from google map… 1031 Chester Ave. Great Falls SC 29055

From Great Falls travel approximately 1.2 miles south along Highway 21/200. The trail head will be located before the Rocky Creek Bridge on the left. Look for a dirt road entrance before the bridge.  This is right at the southern city limit of Great Falls. there is a Carolina Thread Trail sign at the entrance.



Parking:  gravel lot.  20 cars


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Easy flat gravel path.    You enter the trail in the middle it is one mile round trip each way 2 miles total.  (My GPS said I walked 3.5 miles) .   Going to the Right you will come to a gate with sign see photo you can go through the gate and continue.  The only hill is going from the parking lot to the trail it is very rough careful of your step. 

When I was there Jan 2016 the trail was in rough shape do to flooding but was passable 


Kind of photos:  Rocky Creek, birds, Nature, rocks, nice waterfall, old granite quarry 

Lens most used: 24mm / 50mm




Huge rocks everywhere
Panorama of quarry and waterfall
Water Fall