Rock Hill River Park

Name:   Rock Hill River Park


Last Visit:  01/10/2016


Description:  A park on the Catawba river.  Wooded trails and a Wetland board walk.  I heard lots of birds but did not see many.  There are several different trails and it now ties into the Piedmont medical greenway trail.  70  acres.  It was a very nice walk down along the river.  in most places along the Catawba the river is not in full view because of trees and bushes between the trail and the river. Watch for golf balls from the golf course.


GPS Address:  1782 Quality Circle Rock Hill, SC


Parking:  There are several small lots.  If you go to the one marked “to overlook” then you can walk down to the river. Or you can take the longer road all the way to the river.


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  From the parking lot near the entrance it is a steep walk down to the board walk after that it is an all flat gravel dirt path or board walk.  Board walk is VERY slippery when wet. 


Kind of photos:  Nature, River, wetlands, trees plants.  

Lens Most used: 24mm / 40mm