Rock Hill Blackjacks Heritage Preserve


Name:   Rock Hill Blackjacks Heritage Preserve

Last Visit : 01/10/2016 / 03/16/2016


Description:  A nature preserve in Rock Hill SC.  (From- "contains several hiking trails. You will also find here meadows, wetlands, swamps, boulders, wildflowers, wildlife, and forests. Thirteen rare plant species are represented in this preserve. "    

A beautiful wooded preserve some meadows oak forest and pine forest.  There are boulders everywhere  with all kinds of lichens and moss on them.   I think this will be a good place to go take pictures of wild flowers in the spring.   Open daylight hours.  Update:  3/16/2016  I went back today hoping to find some early wild flowers but there were none two days ago there was a heavy rain storm and most of the trails were still flooded in places.  


GPS Address: 

Blackmon St. North Entrance  (Blackmon street is unpaved.)

954 Blackmon St. / Rock Hill SC 29730   This is probably the best entrance.

Winchester Drive .  (South Entrance)  1013 Winchester Dr. Rock Hill SC 29730  OR     921 Southland Drive 


North entrance:

There is a small gravel parking lot on Blackmon St holds about 6 cars. (Blackmon is unpaved )

South Entrance

The street Winchester drive dead ends at the trail head you can just park on the side of the street where it dead ends at a walking path.   Room for ten cars.   There is a community park (Southland park) here the trail to the preserve is just past the sign for the park a power line right of way.  There are no signs for the preserve here. 


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Flat no hills mud and water after there was a rain.  The trails are only marked by some orange plastic ribbon and not well at that.    The map on the Link below is old and not very good.   There is no "Middle Trail" that I can find.  When you get to a tree with two orange ribbons (see pic below) on it then go left and you can walk some more. From this point the trail gets much worse follow the orange ribbons.  At one point it was flooded out so I had to stop.  There does not seem to be a trail back to the trail head from there (finishing the loop) I could not find a trail at the trail head for the back loop.   IF you go straight at the double ribbons and follow the orange ribbons (there is no trail) you will get to a place off to the right were there are large boulders then the trail (of ribbons) as far as I can tell ends.  Just before getting to the double ribbons there is a power line right of way if you go right this is the trail to the southern entrance this was flooded out after a rain.  Long pants and shoes you don't mind getting wet and muddy are a good idea.

Hunting in season is allowed so wear orange or come out of season.


Kind of photos:  Nature , rock outcroppings and boulders,  Still hoping for some wild flowers.

Lens most used: 24mm / 50mm


the map is at the top of the page under the header