Reedy Creek Nature Preserve

Name:   Reedy Creek Nature Preserve


Last Visit:  03/09/2016


Description:   This park reminded me a lot of Mcdowell park.  The trails are well maintained and easy.   The ruins of the Robinson Rockhouse are interesting and might make a good picture.  I went on a day with perfect weather but there were a lot of people at the park on a workday Wednesday so a weekend might be too busy.   The lake is not much to look at and mostly just the trails through the woods and the rockhouse that are picture worthy.

Reedy Creek Nature Preserve protects 737 acres of natural, forested habitat within Reedy Creek Park. There are over ten miles of hiking trails in the nature preserve for the outdoor enthusiast, ruins of the Robinson Rockhouse, built circa 1790  Explore a variety of terrains, while enjoying scenic views of small lakes, forests, fields, streams, and wildlife.  (from site)


GPS Address:  2900 Rocky River Road Charlotte NC.  (NE Meck county)


Parking: Lot at the nature center.  Note: next to the nature preserve is Reedy Creek Park which is just ball fields and play grounds. You want to park at the Nature Center.  (huge play ground at the nature center bring the kids)


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Trails are rated moderate to easy only the Sierra trail had any hills at all and they were small. The trails have some roots watch your step.  The trails are short but to get anywhere you have to walk parts of several of them I walked about 3.6 miles. The trails are well marked in most cases but confusing because many dirt roads and sub trails are not marked.


Trail Surface:  dirt some gravel


Kind of photos:  Nature, lakes, streams, wildlife, Ruins of the Rock House


Most used lens:   24mm 50 mm




Reedy Creek
main entrance of the rockhouse