Mingo Falls Cherokee NC

Name:   Mingo Falls Cherokee NC 


Description:  Very tall and impressive water fall.  This is the kind of water fall that the water mostly runs down the cliff face instead of free falling.  Beautiful setting and very pretty falls.  There is an observation platform / bridge that you can use to view the falls from the bottom.  You are pretty close to the very tall falls so wide angle lens would be helpful.  Went in October was very chilly and there still was a lot of people there, in summer it will be busy.

GPS Address:  No real address.  From the Saunooke Village shopping area in downtown Cherokee, drive north on Big Cove Road approximately 5 miles (past the KOA Campground) to the Mingo Falls parking lot.  


Parking:  There is a bridge over the stream that follows big cove road that just goes to the parking lot.  It is just a dirt lot and might hold 25 cars. Will be full in summer.


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Strenuous long flight of stairs that are not all the same size then rocky path to the falls at the top.  Wear good shoes the steps and everything else were wet when I went from the seepage of ground water.   


Kind of photos:  Nature, Water Fall, Stream, Rocks, forest. Wide angle lens.  Not a lot of light due to forest. 

Lens most used: 24mm / 70 mm



the whole falls
bottom of falls