John W. Wenzelburger    

    I started with Photography when I was a teenager by the time I was 15 I had my own darkroom that I could develop black and white 35mm film and print pictures up to 8X10 in B/W.  I kept buying cameras and spending most of my money on photography until after I got out of the navy.  I did not have a good place to have a darkroom after school so I shot mostly slides.  I never wanted to be a Pro Photographer those guys work too hard for a living.


    When Digital came out I bought the first reasonably priced Kodak digital camera it took very low rez pictures but still was great to use and I could then use the computer to develop them.  I eventually bought my first really expensive camera a Canon 20D.  I never could get a constantly good picture with the camera do to its horrible low light performance, but if you had full sun it worked great.  I took it on a hike in Death Valley up the side of a mountain and although the pictures were great the heavy camera was a real pain I decided I needed a lighter camera for hiking.


    I bought a fixed lens Sony camera DSCV-HX50V the pocket sized camera took pictures that blew away the canon.  Every picture was usable it was like a revelation.  Many times I have seen the saying that “it’s not the equipment it’s the photographer that takes great pictures”.  Well BULL if you have a crappy camera you take crappy photos.


    I was so thrilled with my pictures I bought a refurbished Sony A6000 and some lenses.  This was even better now I could change lenses and almost every picture from no visible light at all to full sun was great. I still like the camera almost as much as my new one.

    About a year later I saw the Sony fan boys having orgasms over the new A7R2 full frame.   What a fantastic camera and I went all in buying the extremely expensive camera and lenses you need for FF. I now believe I have the ultimate camera I can’t believe that any changes improvements in the next version would be worth buying.  There are a few things I would like but all in all it is the perfect camera. Of course my idea of getting a lighter camera went out the window. The new camera with a 14 to 240 mm zoom probably weighs more than the Canon 20D.  Oh well I still have the wonderful A6000 and the HX camera too.


    Since I retired I found I like to walk in the woods "Walk" not really hike…  I love to take my camera walk slowly and find pictures to take.  I am still not the greatest photographer but I am always learning and taking photos.  This site is just a natural extension of my love for walking, photography and computers.


Please feel free to email me with your favorite places to take pictures and I will put them on the site if I ever catch up.



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