Landsford Canal State Park

Name:   Landsford Canal State Park  

Last Visit 6/8/2016

Description:  This park is centered on the well preserved remains of the canal system that made the river commercially navigable from 1820 to 1835.  The remains of the Canal and locks are some of the best stone work you will see.   There is a trail that goes along the Catawba River and along most of the canal.  Every May through June you can see the largest known stand of Rocky Shoals Lilies which grow on the rocky islands in the river.  They are pure white and make a great picture.


GPS Address:  2051 Park DR  Catawba, SC 29704


Parking: Large parking lots will be busy during when the lilies are blooming.


Cost:  $5.00 adults.


Difficulty:  Easy no hills very flat.  Canal trail is 1.5 miles one way.  My GPS said 2 miles exactly. 


Kind of photos:  Nature, Lilies when blooming, forest, canal and locks, beautiful stone work. Might want a med long lens(200mm) for the Lillys,  There is also a nesting Bald Eagle pair along the trail. 

Lens most used 24mm / 240mm / 50mm