Glencairn Garden Rock Hill SC

Name:   Glencairn Garden  Rock Hill SC

Last Visit: April 19 2016 

Description:  Garden in a residential area of Rock Hill.  11 acres peak bloom last week of March to middle of April.  Daylight hours.  I was there at the end of the peak bloom but it was still pretty. Very nice park lots of water features bridges and water Lillys  and the birds just ignore you.   Not that large takes about an hour to walk through slowly.  


GPS Address:  832 Edgemont Ave / Rock Hill SC 29730

Bounded by Charlotte Ave, Crest St, Piedmont Ave, and Edgemont Ave.



Parking on Edgemont Ave and Crest St.  During the peak bloom or if there is a special event some roads may be one way or blocked lots of places to park unless something is going on.  There were quite a few people there on a week day but it was not crowded. 


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Easy garden paths all concrete plenty of places to sit. 


Kind of photos:  garden, flowers, landscape, ponds

Most used lens -  20 to 100 mm