Draper Wildlife Management Area(WMA)

Name:   Draper Wildlife Management Area

Last Visit: July / 2 / 2016

Description:  This is an area for wild life management basically the state feeds the doves, turkey and deer and then it is open for hunting.  What sounds like a good photo opportunity is they plant acres of Sunflowers to attract doves and other animals.  The flowers bloom late June to early July peak around July 4th for about 10 days depending on weather.  Although managed for hunting you may bike and hike there.  Wear orange in hunting season.  Very nice place to hike even without the sunflowers I want to come back in the spring for wild flowers.



GPS Address: 1080  Brattonsville rd. // McConnell SC 29726 ---Near Historic Brattonsville

It is NOT on Brattonsville rd but this gets you close to Draper road.

Turn on to Draper road a dirt road and drive until it ends in a Loop park on the far left side of the loop in the shade... and take that trail head.


Parking:  Visitors can park in the main parking area and walk to two sunflower fields. Access the fields by walking in either of the two gates at the parking area. The gate on the right side of the loop leads across the pond dam and is the shortest walk, less than five minutes, but this is a smaller field. The gate to the left side of the loop will require about a 10 minute walk to the largest field. Visitors can access the fields any day and are encouraged to wear insect repellent and sunscreen.


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  about 10 min walking one way very easy.  It was extremely hot (July 2) and the walk to the sunflower fields is through open fields so little shade unless you go past the sunflower fields.  The trails are all dirt road and they all look alike with no signs,  Pay attention or you may get confused as to your return. 


Kind of photos:  Nature, birds, sunflowers in season, wild flowers. 

Most used lens : 24- 70 zoom.   

There are some Power lines that go through the fields and always seem to be in the picture :-(

Sunflowers are 3 to 4 foot tall.