Colonel Francis Beatty Regional Park

Name:  Colonel Francis Beatty Park


Description:  A nice park 256 acres with a large 16 acre lake.   


GPS Address:  4330 Weddington Road / Matthews NC 


Parking:  Several large lots.  To use the trail, park in the very last lot on the road as you look on the map it is not too obvious which one that is when you are driving.


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  There is a long trail 5.7 miles easy flat loop trail that is heavily used by mountain bikers as this is the best beginner mountain bike trail in town.  Make sure you walk in the direction facing the oncoming bikes so you see them coming.  Hikers have right away but best to step off trail and give the bikes the right a way .  Trails may be closed when wet.  The trails are rocky with roots so be careful of your step.  Bikes are not a problem during the week but on weekends the park is busy.



Kind of photos:  Nature, forest, flowers, rocks, lake, water birds. Even some mountain bikers doing jumps. 

Lens most used:  50mm / 24mm / 240mm