Clarks Creek Nature Preserve

Name:   Clarks Creek Nature Preserve  


Last Visit:  Have not been here yet


Description:  “This 98.6 acre nature preserve consists of over 70 acres of open fields and about 28 acres of forest. A tributary of Clarks Creek runs through the property. There are also small wetlands and a pond. The variety of habitats here, along with the presence of water, makes Clarks Creek Nature Preserve an ecologically diverse property and an excellent place for wildlife.”  (from site)  / Not sure how good this would be but might be interesting.  On Google Earth there looks like some old farm buildings.


GPS Address:  5532 Hucks Road Charlotte NC 28269

From 1-77 north of Charlotte, take 485 east to 115. Turn left on 115/Old Statesville Road and go 0.7 miles to Hucks Road. Take a left on Hucks Road and go 0.6 miles to the Clarks Creek Nature Preserve, which will be on your left.  

This is near Huntersville.


Parking:  Hard surface lot 10 cars.


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Easy


Trail Surface:  Natural


Kind of photos:  Open fields some old buildings


Most used lens: