Charlotte NC Skyline 

Name:  Place to photograph the Charlotte NC Skyline

NOTE :  I have heard this is no longer available they have it locked up after 5pm and do not allow people up there now..   You might try to call the CPCC security and maybe they will allow you up there if you make arrangements ...


Last Visit:  6/09/2016


Description:  Place to take pictures of the Charlotte NC Skyline.  This is the top of a parking garage on the

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) campus in Charlotte.


GPS Address:  

 1321 Charlottetowne Ave,  Charlotte NC  I think this was Student parking #3.


Parking:  Well duh … it is a parking garage…


Cost:  Free if there is nothing going on at the American Legion Stadium next door.  As luck would have it there was a Lacrosse game going on and it cost me $5.00 to park.  Normally the gate is open after 5PM and there is no one there to collect money or stop you from going in.  Before 5pm you might not be able to get in because the gate will be closed.


Difficulty:  No walking you can drive to the top of the garage and park next to your tripod.

You might get a visit from the Collage security patrol, but they will let you stay if you don’t look like you are causing any trouble.


 Trail Surface:  Concrete


Kind of photos:   City Skyline day and night.


Most used lens: Wide angle or about 50mm works well nothing over 70mm unless you want pictures of only one part of the skyline.