Catawba Nation Greenway Trail

Name:   Catawba Nation Greenway Trail


Last Visit:  Feb / 1 / 2016


Description: A greenway trail along the Catawba River.  Part of this trail is owned by the Catawba Nation Reservation.  This is the trail that goes from the parking lot to the river.  Along the way are interpretive Signs about Catawba life.  The rest of the Trail is a Carolina Thread trail.  Very nice walk along the river I went in January and had great views of the river but in the summer the vegetation may block most of the views.


GPS Address:  1536 Tom Steven Road / Rock Hill SC


Parking:  Parking is behind the Catawba Cultural Center.  The Cultural Center Trail (Yehasuri Trail) starts on the left side of the Cultural Center building.  You can walk toward the other side of the building from the parking lot and intersect the trail on the other side of some picnic tables. 


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  The Cultural Center Trail is downhill (and uphill on the way back)  .6 mile to the river.   Not too steep some roots. The Carolina Thread Trail along the river is flat and easy.  1.6 miles one way  4.5 miles round trip both trails. Natural surface dirt .


Kind of photos:  Nature, bird, landscape, River.  Examples of Catawba Nation cultural items. 

Most used lens :  24mm / 240mm




Yehasuri carvings Near start of Trail