Carolina Sandhills Wildlife Refuge

Name:   Carolina Sandhills Wildlife Refuge


Last Visit:  Feb 21 2016


Description:  A large Wildlife refuge.  Many lakes and areas to view wildlife.  Three hiking trails,  There is an Observation tower and a Photography Blind, mostly pine forest.  Open daylight hours every day.  I walked the Tate's Trail 6 miles round trip the first 1 1/2 miles were though a forest that had been burned in places by the forest service.  Only the ground and brush are burned not the trees. Not as pretty as the rest of the trail after it crosses the road.  Should be pretty again by summer 2016.  If you want to use the Photo Blind bring a Chair the blind has very low head room you WILL hit your head...  The lakes are beautiful but you can not get close to them from the trail do to heavy vegetation. 


GPS Address:  23734 U.S. Highway 1   McBee, SC 29101  (My GPS did not find this address but just find Mcbee SC follow instructions below.)
Go to Mcbee SC and go northeast 4 miles on US 1 look for Refuge Visitors Drive on left.  

There is a visitor’s center there (open Mon - Fri)  you can find it on Google maps.    


Parking:  Parking at the trail heads, small lots 5-10 cars and visitor center. 


Cost:  Free


Difficulty:  Sandy trails. rolling Hills easy.  Trails can be slippery on hills do to sand and pine needles.  Several warnings on site about Horse Flies and insects.  The map is large scale and distances are much longer then they look on the map.  There are good signs for the important locations. 


Kind of photos:  Nature, bird, landscape, water, wildflowers 

Lens most used  wide angle to med tel.  Long Tel if you use the photo blind.



Web site 


I could only see maps in Internet explorer (need Flash?) and site did not display correctly in firefox or chome 



panorama from tower
panorama from tower
Burned log
lots of pine cones