Ann Springs Close Green way

Name:   Ann Springs Close Green Way 


Description:  A huge recreational nature preserve of 2100 acres in Fort Mill SC.  There are 40 miles of trails.   The railroad trestle is a great area to take pictures.


GPS Address:  971 Tom Hall Street, Fort Mill, SC 29715  / There are several other entrances see link.


Parking:  Lots of free parking


Cost:  $5.00 adults  Paid at the trail head by filling out a form and putting it in an envelope drop.  Bring a pen and exact change.


Difficulty:  Depends on the trail I was on the Blue Star trail 7.2 miles but you can just keep going on other trails if that is not enough. It was not hard mostly flat and only got lost once. 


Kind of photos:  Nature,  Railroad trestle,  stream, swinging bridges, wildlife. 

Lenses most used: 24 mm / 50mm




Rail Road Trestle B/W