40 Acre Rock

Name:   Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve


Description:  This is a conservation area not really a park.  There is a huge granite rock that is 14 Acres in size the 40 Acres was optimistic.  The rock itself is very interesting and you can take some good panoramas and close-ups.  If you go across the rock from the entrance and to the left you can find a trail that leads down (way down very steep) to a series of small waterfalls. Go to the left of the big lowest fall and climb up above it, then follow the creek.  If there has not been some rain they may be very small.  The stream that flows down along the side of the rock is crystal clear and very rustic looking.  It is very unfortunate that vandals have spray painted parts of the rock, but you can work around the painted areas. 


GPS Address:  2207 Conservancy Rd, Kershaw, SC 29067  Note No signs at all.


Parking:  There is some parking for maybe 10 cars just outside the gate on the road at the dead end.


Cost:  Free


Difficulty: There is a metal gate on the dirt road there are no signs.  Go around the gate and then there is a one lane dirt road follow it until you get to some boulders (about ½ mile) (they were spray panted mostly blue when I was there) that is the entrance to the rock. The walk to the boulders is easy as is walking on the rock but the climb down to the water fall is strenuous on the way back up.  Wear good shoes the rock can be slippery if wet.


Kind of photos:  Nature, the rock, some birds, good panoramas and landscape, waterfalls, stream.

Lens most used:  24mm / 40mm




The Water fall cool how it cut in to the rock
Looking up a bolder field